Buying or selling a home can be an exciting and stressful time in our lives.  Whether its a new beginning or the closing of a chapter in our lives, owning a home is one of the largest single investments most of us will ever make.

Protect your investment = hiring Dr. House Inspects before you buy or sell.   Over 400 features are inspected and recorded throughout each home inspection. Questions that arise are thoroughly answered.  From unforeseen conditions to defects and deficiencies, our Virginia State Board Certified Inspectors will be able to help you understand the problem more clearly and may even be able to assist in recommending a solution.

Peace of Mind and Customer Satisfaction are our highest goals.  The next time you need to inspect, call Dr. House Inspects.

Our Promise

Our commitment to our customers is simple: We are here to help you protect your investment, property, purchase or sale. The quality and integrity with which we perform our services reflects your investment and our commitment. We are committed to investing the time, professionalism and thoroughness required to perform a professional inspection. Most of all we appreciate your confidence in selecting us to work with you!

Our 30 years of Class A contractor experience surpasses that of a typical home inspector, assuring our customers the peace of mind when their potential investment is at risk.  Our professional expertise service can be utilized in helping a potential buyer, seller or homeowner understand the dynamics (approximate cost for repairs) for any defects found that fall within our professional knowledge and experience.   Existing and potential homeowners want to know that the ‘expert’ inspecting their home holds more than just a license to inspect.  They want to know they can have peace of mind  with the final result and that a solution to resolve whatever is discovered can be achieved.

If  the ‘peace of mind’ factor is critical when you select your Certified home Inspector, then call Dr. House Inspects.  “Our Customers buy and sell with confidence.”